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The Hellfire Club [ABRIDGED]

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The Hellfire Club [ABRIDGED] Cover Page

BOOK FORMAT: Audio Cassette # OF TAPES/CDs: 4
PUBLISHER: Audioworks PUB DATE: 1-Mar-96

Straub's recent series of books, while excellent, have been dense and rather cerebral as horror books go. This one, while employing many of the same devices about family secrets and mysteries half-buried in the past, has an action storyline with a viscerally satisfying villain and a strong female protagonist. The premise is that the history of a famous fantasy novel not only concerns some eccentric authors, but collides with a wily killer on a rampage. The settings--in seedy motel rooms, New England houses, a bizarre private club and an over-the-hill literary retreat--are especially fun. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Publishers Weekly
Continuing his shift away from occult horror toward terrors inspired by the ragged social fabric of American life, Straub (The Throat) turns in another violent yet richly nuanced thriller. As in much of his work (Mystery; Koko), the past impinges on the present through secrets kept, then revealed. Here, the secrets are both familial and literary. Four women in upscale Westerholm, Conn., have disappeared from blood-spattered bedrooms. Meanwhile, Westerholm resident Nora Chancel, who's newly... read more --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description
The #1 bestselling author of Mystery and Koko at the top of his blockbuster form!

Not since Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs has a writer invented a villain as diabolical, clever, fascinating, and funny as the one Peter Straub has created in serial killer Dick Dart. Having already murdered four women. Dart seizes as a hostage Nora Chancel, who is unwillingly drawn into a treacherous double mystery, and who shines as a heroine of courage, wit, and intelligence.

To survive the ten days of her kidnapping. Nora, without seeming to do so, must outwit Dart, an extraordinarily intuitive and resourceful monster, as they careen around New England in a series of stolen cars with a growing posse of state policemen on their trail.

Powered by suspense that builds at an astonishing pace, and a mystery that deepens the more it is investigated, The Hellfire Club is Peter Straub's most dazzling tribute yet to the imaginative power of sheer storytelling.

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