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Saucer: The Conquest [Saucer Series] [UNABRIDGED]

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 Saucer: The Conquest [Saucer Series] [UNABRIDGED] Cover Page

AUTHOR: Stephen Coonts READER: Dick Hill
FORMAT: Unabridged
PUBLISHER: Brilliance Audio PUB DATE: 2014

Book Description

In Saucer, after discovering the secrets of a 140,000-year-old spacecraft and delivering it to safety in the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian right alongside Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, Rip Cantrell and beautiful test pilot Charley Pine think their days of high-flying extraterrestrial adventure are over. However, that will change in the sequel, Saucer: The Conquest, because someone is using top-secret information about saucer technology, information that comes from the mysterious region in Nevada known as Area 51. Meanwhile, Charley takes up flying space planes to the moon for the French lunar base project. There she discovers a world-threatening antigravity beam. The French kidnap Rip's uncle, Egg, and force him to fly a saucer hidden in Area 51 to the moon. Rip and Charley must steal the first saucer from its new home at the museum and hit the not-so-friendly skies again in order to save Uncle Egg and the world. Stephen Coonts, first Saucer was a smash hit. Now the unlikely duo of Rip Cantrell and Charley Pine are back, so strap in and leave your passports behind as the flight for freedom on the new frontier begins.

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