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Tales from Q School: Inside Golf's Fifth Major [ABRIDGED]

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AUTHOR: John Feinstein READER: John Feinstein
FORMAT: Abridged
PUBLISHER: Hachette PUB DATE: 2007

It is the tournament that separates champions from mortals.
It is the starting point for the careers of future legends and
can be the final stop on the down escalator for fading stars.
The annual PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament is one of the
most grueling competitions in any sport. Every fall, veterans
and talented hopefuls sweat through six rounds of hell at Q
school, as the tournament is universally known, to get a shot
at the PGA Tour, vying for the 30 slots available. The grim
reality: If you don't make it through Q school, you're not on
the PGA tour. You're out. And those who make it to the sixday
finals are the lucky ones: hundreds more players fail to
get through the equally grueling first two stages of the event.
John Feinstein tells the story of the players who compete for these
coveted positions in the 2005 Q school as only he can. With arresting
accounts from the players, established winners, rising stars, the
defeated, and the endlessly hopeful, America's favorite sportswriter
unearths the inside story behind the PGA Tour's brutal all-ornothing

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