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Our Value

Save money on your audio book listening! For less than the price of one New audio book (whether downloaded or bought from a big bookstore), you can enjoy unlimted audio books on our monthly rental plans or buying books used from our 50% off selection.


At TalkingBooksPlus.com rental members receive the whole audiobook*. Rather than sending audiobooks in seperate parts, you will receive the complete book. *The only exception will be books that are so large that it is neccessary to breakdown the books into seperate parts such as "Shogun" by James Clavell and "Atlas Shrugged" Unabridged by Ayn Rand. For those type of audiobooks, the description will state that there are multiple parts or will clearly state that the audiobook will count as 2 selections.


We have over 500 titles available at 50% discount! These audiobooks cover all different genres and are sorted alphabetically by author.

Customer Service Value!

Value is also customer service. We’re committed to offering the best service in the industry. Have a problem? Call us toll-free at 1-866-956-book (2665), or in metro Denver at 303-991-0050.




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